Todd Olerud, the founder of New Age Tree Service, started out working for Stetters Tree Service in 1990. Todd was a foreman for 4 years until he had the opportunity to bid some work of his own in 1994 for St. Croix Electric Cooperative. The idea behind the name, New Age Tree Service, came about because of 3 main reasons. 

  1. At the time, most of all tree service work was done manually with a small crew, usually consisting of 3 men, and a pickup with few equipment. The days were long and strenuous. Todd had a lot of ideas on how to be much more productive and efficient. He wanted to get more involved in the mechanical means of doing work. 
  2. Trimming practices that were used by many companies were very questionable. Topping, which is the act of removing the top half of a tree and leaving nothing but stubs, was a very common practice in the area and was a complete eyesore. Todd wanted to find a more "new age" way regarding trimming practices. 
  3. The way the industry was viewed at the time and the business practices of some other companies was not professional. Not enough people took pride in the way tree service work was done and completed. 

With these ideas in mind, Todd wanted his business, New Age Tree Service, to be one that is constantly improving while finding new and more efficient ways to get the job done faster and safer. 

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"The day we stopped focusing on what other companies were doing and started concentrating on the product we wanted to offer, everything began to change for New Age Tree Service." -Todd Olerud