Combining the best of both worlds since '94: 

The precise, professional work of a large company with the close, family feel of a small company.

New Age Tree Service was founded in 1994 by President, Todd Olerud and is a family owned business located in Spring Grove, MN. This company engages in many services which include; line clearance maintenance, right-of-way mowing, herbicide applications, substation maintenance, and land clearing. Electrical utility companies are the primary target due to the need to comply with federally mandated vegetation maintenance needs. 

New Age Tree Service believes that the backbone of our company is the employees. They are the foundation that we have built around to deliver a successful product. A common belief is that management makes a company successful, which is key, but the people in the field are the ones who deliver the final product and that is all that matters. We take great pride in the quality of both our employees and equipment on every job site. Proper equipment on the job, with little or no downtime, is a major factor for our customers' satisfaction. 

Our goal is to have a solid, reliable workforce that is extremely competent and committed to the end product. We will continue to invest in the training and development of our employees for the skills needed to perform the job safely. We invest in the technology, tools, and equipment needed to do the work in the most efficient and profitable way possible while maintaining the extremely high quality of work our clients have come to know and expect.